4 Tactics for creating a perfect business name

What’s in a business name? A business name is
extremely powerful. It serves as an important asset to any entrepreneur. The
right business name can propel a business to success. This is to say it can
create and maintain the desirable corporate image and reputation of a business.
In addition, it increases the chances of brand exposure and acceptance by the
target customers. This article delves more into naming a business with a view
to inform readers of tactics to use.

1. Craft a meaningful and beneficial business name

The cardinal rule in this case is to ensure the
business name is not too generic. In other words, the name should resonate well
with the brand and the target customers. The name should inform customers about
important elements of the business in an effort to help them identify with the
brand. Besides, the name should not be overly long as it can end up confusing
the customers.

2. Initials are not a good idea

It is a fact that businesses such as 3M and IBM have
managed to have an international presence using initials as their business names.
However, these companies have existed for many decades and have a reputation as
multibillion-dollar businesses which gives them an upper hand. Only consider
using initials for business naming purposes when your business has achieved
immense success milestones.

3. Be specific

As mentioned previously, a generic business name
does not convey any meaning. Business names that incorporate information with
respect to days, numbers and so on are very compelling.

4. Test your business name on Google AdWords

Google AdWords usually displays search phrases that
are similar. It also reveals how these search phrases are searched on a global
and monthly basis. This is important to ensure that your prospective business
name is not similar to already existing ones which might attract more attention

In conclusion, a viable business name can be the
foundation of your brand and the business as a whole. On the other hand, a
generic business name can kill your brand and the entire business. Best option is to use agency which will help you with your name. Brandlance is one of the most popular companies dealing with brand identities and business names. In essence, your business name should demonstrate professionalism, worth and distinctiveness
of your brand.

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